You found me.
And I’m so glad.
I’ve been waiting.

I am, however, curious to know how you got here…

Maybe you saw a clip of me on YouTube, or read something I posted on Twitter, or heard me on SiriusXM radio.
Whatever the case, shoot me a quick— quick!— message and tell me how our paths crossed.

I hope you saw me performing at your local comedy club and decided to follow up because you wanted more of me.

Maybe you don’t know how you ended up here.

Sometimes people say, “You seem familiar, but I’m not sure where I know you from.”

It is possible that I was piped into your home via television or film. And you had my face and voice on your TV in the background while you scrolled social media. You can find a list of those appearances by clicking HERE.

There is also a distinct possibility that I spoke at your college or university. And you don’t remember because you were intoxicated. Memory is funny that way.

Regardless, thank you for visiting. Please have a look around. I hope to see you again soon.