UPDATES: Tour and Podcasts

Hey there! Welcome back, Repeat Offenders!

A few quick things:

NEW DATES have been added to the calendar. So, if you’d like to see where I’ll be performing, click CALENDAR.

On that same note, I’ll be headlining the IMPROV in Hollywood, CA, on April 2nd at 10:00PM. Do you know how many comedians are in Hollywood? About a billion. The idea that, despite those odds, I’ll be headlining this club on that night is pretty fantastic. Find out more at http://www.improv.com.

I was just a guest on comedian Chris Porter‘s podcast: Chris Porter’s General Store. The main topic we were discussing was the TSA. Well, that was the plan… But, we are both so pissed off at the TSA that it turned into a series of hate-fueled rants. That should be dropping soon, so, if you use iTunes, check back here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/chris-porters-general-store/id420891023

Earlier this month, I was also on The Best Medicine Podcast with my friends and fellow comedians, Dan Gabriel and Robert Duchaine. We talked about my problems, we talked about their problems, and we talked about the listeners’ problems. That’s pretty much the theme… You can listen here: http://tinyurl.com/4tghnjx

Other than that, quick question: Why don’t you retweet me more? Just curious… http://www.twitter.com/StoutRyan

See you at the show.

–Ryan Stout


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