There’s No Crying in Baseball

Mark McGwire admitted to taking steroids which helped him smack more baseballs into oblivion than any player before him. And I say, “So what?”

I’m not even a baseball fan, but I remember the home run race between him and Sosa. It was exciting, even to an outsider. And knowing this trivial detail doesn’t make it any less exciting; the memories stay the same.

The bottom line is: he was sacrificing his body to provide all of us with entertainment. THANK YOU, MARK!

Some other players might not use performance enhancing drugs. In effect, they can’t compete on the same level, they get paid less money, they’re not as famous, AND they live longer, healthier lives. I’m sure it’s a difficult decision, but I believe in an athlete’s right to choose.

Regardless, I still think steroids should be against the rules. I think major league sports should keep drug testing people. And I think there should be consequences when people get caught. That way, players still need to be clever and covert and precise with their doping. Perhaps THAT is just as much a skill as every other aspect of the game.

On a similar note, the US Army tests for drugs. But, only the illegal ones. They should be testing for steroids, as well. I want to make sure that all of our soldiers are ON the juice.

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