Terrorist Socks

I was getting on an airplane with a woman who was wearing the full Islamic traditional garb.  She had the burqa and the veil…  And, the, uh… Well, that was pretty much it. When we got on the plane, she actually sat right across the aisle from me.  And, as she settled into her seat, she kicked off her shoes, revealing… baby blue socks…  with little duckies on them.  Immediately, I thought, “Well, clearly, she’s an American.”  She’s expressing herself, getting funky underneath her religious requirements. Very American.  And then I thought, “Oh!  That’s why airport security makes us take off our shoes.  It’s not to check our sneakers for explosives; it’s for our socks!”  This woman’s threat level was at “Duckie.”  But, had those been red socks with cute little bombs on them, that might’ve caused a problem.

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