Scholastic Bereavement

The California Government plans to cut $2.5 billion dollars from the budget for local schools. That is a significant number. That is the exact same amount of money the airlines earned from October 1, 2008, to September 20, 2009, charging for checked baggage: $2.5 billion.

So, the solution seems simple: California needs to start charging students for every bag they bring to school. Depending on the school district, it could cost anywhere from $15 to $35 for the first bag, and between $35 and $100 for each additional bag, depending on the weight.

Gone are the days of students hauling whatever the hell they want to school, so they can make a half-assed effort at a multitude of different activities. Are you going to play the trumpet in the school band or are you going to be on the lacrosse team? You can only afford to bring one bag along with your book bag. Art supplies or gym clothes?

I think this will make students think long and hard about the kind of education they really want.

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