I speak English. I always have. I even studied it in college. So, I’m not too bad when it comes to reading everyday things.

Despite that, it took me a few minutes to decipher this Subway sandwich game piece:

Instant Win / Not An Instant Winner? Well… That’s not contradictory at all. But, okay, I get the point.

It was the second part that really confused me, until I found out the game was called “Collect and Win.” The could’ve added some quotes. I read “(Verb) the (verb) and (verb)…”

The name is stupid, anyway, though. Who titles a game after the exact activity you perform to play the game? “C’mon, Kids, we’re gonna play Throw the Orange Ball Into the Basket. Tomorrow we’ll play Kick the Spotted Ball into the Goal.”

Peel the “Collect and Win” game piece? I JUST DID THAT.

Subway, whoever you paid to do this should be killed and then fired. Hire me. Here’s a free-be:
Peel another “Collect and Win” game piece for a chance to win.

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