Punchline on FOX

I had such a great time this week as a contestant on FOX‘s new comedian-driven game show PUNCHLINE.

The show works like this: Two teams of comedians face-off to come up with punchlines based on that day’s headlines. We tape in front of a live studio audience who votes for which team was funniest after each round. And the program airs live in certain areas, as well, so people at home can get online and vote for their favorite jokes.

This is just a test-run for the summertime. And, right now, we only air in the following markets:

New York – 11:30pm
Los Angeles – Midnight
Chicago – 11pm
Philadelphia – 12:30pm in the afternoon (???)
San Francisco – 12:30am
Phoenix – 11:30pm
Denver – 10pm
Minneapolis – 10pm (LIVE !!!)
Atlanta – 11pm (LIVE !!!)

HOWEVER, if the show does well, it could get picked up for as many as 240 episodes. In other words, it would be on Monday-Friday for 48 weeks each year. So, if you can tune-in: Great. If you can’t, please tell someone else to give us a look.

Big thanks to all of these comedians for giving their all and making this such a fun week.

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 03

Episode 04

Episode 05

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