New Website

***UPDATE: You are currently looking at the NEW site. The post below was the last post on the old site.  Please keep reading to learn how much I hated the old site.***

Dear My Special Freaks,

As you may have noticed, I do not update this website on a regular basis. And the reason for that is simple: I hate it.

I hate that you can’t view it on an iPhone or iPad. I hate that BOLD and italic functions do not appear correctly. I hate that there are typos that I cannot fix. I hate that the calendar has spacing issues. I hate that you can’t share my blog posts, even though I specifically asked for, and paid for, that function to be available. I hate that I can’t embed videos on my blog unless they are from YouTube.

The BIOGRAPHY is out-dated and the contact information is incorrect. (Contact APA Talent and Literary Agency for bookings!)

Overall, as nice as this site may look, it’s basically a sports car with a two-cylinder engine.

It’s garbage. And I hate it.

And so, I am very happy to announce that a new website is currently being built. In the meantime, please click the YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter links on the right side of the screen. See those? The one’s that say “Stay Connected.” Yeah. At least those work.

See you soon.
Ryan Stout

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