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Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t know their place when they enter a comedy club. They take entitled attitudes and begin to operate under the delusion that the comedian on stage should provide whatever “type” and/or “style” of humor that they, the paying customers, find suitable. It’s a room full of people, all with different ideas of comedy, and, yet, it seems that everyone expects the comedian to cater to them.

Even when 99% of the crowd is laughing, there are still individuals saying, “This is inappropriate.” “That was loathsome.” “The comedian is vulgar!” Meanwhile, the comedian’s name is on the marquee outside the building. The comedian’s name is on the ticket. The comedian is the product that was purchased, whether you “like” the comedian or not.

I admit, it is disappointing when you see an act who does not give you the thing you want. If you love dirty comedy and the guy on stage is only doing family-friendly puns, you should consider politely leaving. But, you don’t interrupt the show; you don’t blame the performer. You should blame yourself for not researching the product you are purchasing.

Even worse is when an audience member seems shocked by the content. When they try to claim that the humor is unfit for public consumption. When they generalize the subject of a joke while ignoring the content of the joke.

“A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, ‘Why the long face?'”
“Oh, really? You think that’s funny?! Animal cruelty is humorous to you?!”
“It was a goofy joke. I didn’t hurt any anim…”
“News flash: Alcohol is a poison! And I’m not going to sit here and laugh while you poison a horse.”

That may seem like an extreme example. But, similar things happen all the time when the subject is suicide, or domestic violence, or whatever topic that a particular audience member deems unacceptable. They irrationally argue the topic instead of the context.

Now, if you are at a comedy club, and you think any topic is unacceptable, let me just remind you of where you’re sitting:

There’s a time and a place for everything. And I think a dark bar, at night, with a bunch of drunken adults is probably the best time and place for a child molestation joke. If you disagree, that’s fine. But, you should just stay home. Don’t blame the comic.

The more you know…



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