My Return to Minneapolis

This week I have the privilege of making my fellow comedians very jealous of me. Tuesday thru Saturday, May 8 – 12, I will be headlining seven shows at Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This opportunity is only available 52 times each year and there are way more than 52 comedians, so you can understand the extreme supply/demand of the situation. Thousands of comedians would love to be in my shoes. But, they aren’t. I am in my shoes.

Die-hard fans of my work will recognize this comedy club from the liner notes of my previous albums. That’s right: Both of my albums were recorded here. I even recorded a third album that you’ll probably never hear. AND, true to form, I will be recording this week’s shows, as well. Maybe for a new album.

If you come to a show this week, there are no promises that you will make it onto my next album… Or even that the crowd on your night will make the album… But, it could happen. So, get your tickets!

Here’s a nice little sample of something I previously recorded at Acme:

May 08 – 12, 2018
Acme Comedy Company
708 N 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: 612-338-6393

Show Times
Tuesday — 8pm
Wednesday — 8pm
Thursday – 8pm
Friday – 8pm AND 10:30pm
Saturday – 8pm AND 10:30pm

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