Music Video

Dear Music Lovers,

Are you upset that I only enter your lives through the world of television, film, and stand-up comedy? Are you suicidal over the fact that you love music, but I have nothing to do with the music industry? Well, don’t kill yourself yet– I’m in a music video!

On Valentine’s Day, my manager called me and said, “Bob?”
“No, this is Ryan Stout.”
“Aww, shi… Ryan! Hey, listen, I’ve got a job offer just for you!! It’s a music video; they need a host character; it pays $xxxxx.xx. But, here’s the catch, you have to be in Long Beach in 4 hours. What d’ya say?”
“Let me ask my girlfriend. …Honey, can I leave you on Valentine’s Day to go make a music video? It pays $xxxxx.xx…”
She said, “Get the hell out of here.”
So, I told my manager, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”

I had no idea what I was getting into. But… Turns out: Good decision!

The video is for Drop City Yacht Club and the song is called “Crickets.” A-Wolf, Kristo, and THX were friendly and nice (which is always appreciated). The director was great and did a great job keeping the concept from getting too cheesy. And I really like the song!

Overall, I’m glad I could be part of this. Enjoy!


Ryan “The Suit” Stout

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