Mandatory Viewing

Dear Stout Consumers,

If you’ve been diligently keeping up with my doings on Facebook and Twitter, then, what I’m about to say won’t be news to you.

But, if you live in a cyberspace environment where you are continually bombarded by every announcement that everybody makes about every little detail of their lives, you may very well have missed my posts. I was probably buried under selfies, misspelled complaints, and a picture of a beagle wearing a fireman helmet.

Anyway, I’ve been hosting a new show on the internet called “Mandatory Viewing.” It’s only a few minutes long and covers a few relevant news items, pictures, or videos that are circulating around the internet. We shoot every week in a tiny closet in Santa Monica and pump out a high quality product to you on Friday at

Here’s our newest episode:

And here are the past episodes, in case you missed them:

If you have no interest in spending THREE MINUTES to watch an episode, could you please click the links anyway? Maybe set your volume to mute and walk away from your viewing device, so at least our advertisers think people are watching?

C’mon, help out. I’m trying to get paid here.



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