Things are happening, Everybody, so get on board right now. Don’t wait for the bandwagon.


David Spade’s prank show Fameless returns to TruTV this month. I make regular appearances on the program, so keep an eye out for me throughout the season. The nice thing about what I do on the show is I always play myself. I’m Ryan Stout, host of the fake game show “Shock Value.” And I’m Ryan Stout, host of the fake dating shows “Love Ride,” “Love Upgrade,” and “Love Swing.” And I’m Ryan Stout, host of the fake opinion debate program, “That’s Your Opinion.”

Photo by:  Zach Storer

Photo by: Zach Storer

And, and, AND!!!!!!!!

On January 27, be sure to watch me on Comedy Central’s @Midnight with Chris Hardwick. This time I’m not the host of a fake game show… I’m a contestant on a fake game show. And I’m going to try to win. That includes cheating, if I can get away with it.


Also on January 27, I’ll be headlining for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the IMPROV in Irvine, CA.

Later that week I’ll be at The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA.

And from February 9 – 14, I will be at Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis, MN. That’s right, I’m the special show for someone’s Valentine’s Day. I hope they don’t expect jokes about “love” and will be content with jokes about “hate.”

Alright, Gang. Get out there and do your part.

I’m still inching my way toward my goal of 10,000,000 views on YouTube. So, take a trip over there and give me a few clicks.



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