My buddy and I were trying to figure out how to configure something in HTML and ended up reading the the source code of a porno website. The first four lines of this piece were written, without line breaks or punctuation, directly into the code. The rhythm of this piece is exactly how I read the words, aloud, when I saw them on the screen. We thought it had a funny beat. So, I wrote more.

by Ryan Stout

Big fat dick
Pale blonde chick
Tiny tits
Hot and young

Take your pick
Tied and whipped
She’ll eat shit
See them cum

Six midgets
Hit that bitch
Dildo fun

Naked pics

Sample flicks
Chicks with dicks
Blow jobs tips
Live action

Watch her get
Asshole split
Pussy licked
Strap it on

Straight faggot
Little prick
Big ole clit
Someone’s mom

Not a bit
Makes me sick
All dot com

After reading this piece during a variety show in San Francisco, a woman inquired if I had a book of dirty poems for sale.

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