End the Hate

In my travels, I have met a lot of homophobes– Not that there’s anything wrong with that; some of my best friends are homophobic. And, even though, that’s not how I live my life, I’m not going to condemn them for being different. I say, “Whoever you hate behind closed doors, that’s your business; just as long as it’s not on public display.”

I have these two friends in San Francisco who are homophobic– They prefer the term “gay bashers.” And, again, even though I’m not homophobic, I just recognize that’s their lifestyle.

People don’t realize that gay bashers don’t choose that for themselves, they’re born that way. Homophobia isn’t a choice. Name ONE phobia that’s a choice. Arachnophobia isn’t a choice. Photophobia? Claustrophobia? Not one. Homophobia is natural. It just happens.

I just worry about the gay bashers’ kid sometimes. See, there’s no evidence proving that two homophobic parents give birth to homophobic offspring, but people are so bigoted that they ignore the science, sometimes, and get angry at the child.

I’m sure it isn’t easy for the kid. Imagine being raised in a homophobic household in San Francisco and, then, going to school, getting teased by the gay kids on a daily basis. Little boys in dresses, pointing and saying things like, “I bet your parents are Republicans.” “Yeah, Christian Republicans”

That kind of name calling just isn’t necessary. Because, like, my homophobic friends aren’t Christian OR Republican. They aren’t anything. They’re just regular people. And they’re not hurting anybody.

Even though, they want to.

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