American Cripple

“I see you sell a doll who is in a wheelchair. I actually have twin daughters who are fused together at the spine; do you have any dolls that represent their unique situation? And, if so, could I get one with eczema?”  

— Me, at the American Girl store

Of all the accessories to include in a line of dolls, I’m not surprised that wheelchair makes the cut.  Certainly there are kids in wheelchairs who represent a viable market share of doll purchasers!  But, why is that the limit?  Why not also include accessories for other types of disabilities, impairments, or limitations?

Where’s the EpiPen for dolls allergic to bee stings?
Where’s the bionic limb for the American Girl who born with no leg below the left kneecap?
What about the stand, bags, and tubes for the IV drip that provides some dolls with the chemotherapy they so desperately need?

Even more strange, the wheelchair in the lavender color was SOLD OUT.  Other options in red and blue are still available, though, for the girls who need to injure their dolls right away.

Least strange:  I was in the American Girl store.  I mean, c’mon, we all know I went in looking for something to poke fun at.  … We all know that, right?

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