To my congregation:

Among what are technically known as “internet freaks,” it is an immoral and devious sin to steal a picture from a website, only to post it on your own page without giving the original site credit. Well, I only steal from second and third-hand sources, so I can’t tell you the original site. And I’m certainly not giving credit to those thieving hacks.

The authenticity of internet photos is speculative, but, regardless, their content can be excessively provocative.

This is one of those photos:

Whether this is a real photograph of an ironic event in human history that captures members of the medical profession calculating potential gain while, simultaneously, showing a man dealing with a racial dilemma OR a fake, Photo-shopped print showing the same thing, it still gets the viewer’s brain pulsing.

Such photos need to be shared with the right people. I believe you are those people.

–Ryan Stout

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